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WGA Crystal Pro Max Extra 15000 *£11.99

WGA Crystal Pro Max Extra 15000 Puffs
WGA Crystal Pro Max Extra 15k Puffs Disposable Vape Device takes disposable vaping to the extreme, boasting a staggering puff count, advanced features, and a focus on delivering bold flavor and consistent vapor production. Here’s a breakdown of its key characteristics:

Product Key Features:

Up to 15000 Puffs
Rechargeable 650mAh built in battery
MTL Vaping and Triple Mesh Coil
Type C Usb Recharge Pod
Adjustable airflow and LED display
Crystal Clear and leakproof designed
Convenient and portable, compact device
Available in choice of flavours option
20mg (2%) nicotine strength

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New Products

WGA Pro Max 2 6000 Puffs *£7.99

WGA Pro Max 2 disposable vape device featuring a 6000-puff capacity, likely powered by a built-in battery that cannot be recharged. It boast a sleek and portable design, offering a variety of pre-filled e-liquid flavours to choose from. It’s also likely activated by draw-inhalation, eliminating the need for buttons or switches.
Product Features:
WGA Pro Max 2: This suggests it’s a sequel or upgraded version of the “WGA Pro Max” device.
6000 Puffs: This indicates a high puff count, implying long-lasting use compared to most disposable vapes.
Disposable Device: This means it’s pre-filled and non-rechargeable, intended for single-use after the e-liquid runs out.
Manufacturer: Knowing the manufacturer (WGA could be an abbreviation) might lead to specific product details and specifications.
Flavor Options: Understanding the available flavors would provide a better idea of the device’s appeal.
Additional Features: Features like adjustable airflow, LED lights, or leakproof technology could differentiate the device. 

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The Benefits of Disposable Vaping

Disposable vapes are an ideal option for UK vapers who want a hassle-free vaping experience. Unlike traditional vape devices, disposable vapes require no charging or refilling – simply use and dispose of them when finished. Our disposable vapes are made with high-quality ingredients and come in a range of delicious flavors to suit any taste.

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